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Posted: 18.05.06 in Blogging

It’s something I have pondered about for a while: should I get a feed reader? I have had this thought for a while, and the fact I haven’t acted upon the impulse goes a long way to indicate my opinion of feeds.

On the one hand, it means I don’t have to go to every site I usually visit and pick out new articles. On the other hand, I can store a session in Opera, or store all of my pages in the Favorites (unfortunately, that is the correct spelling).

And then there is the wasted effort of all those web designers who make their sites nice and pretty, whereas a feed reader would be the equivalent of asking Gordon Ramsay for some egg and chips (which has happened…) and ask him to deliver them. Producing a feed is probably near the back of a web developer’s mind when constructing a site, so why waste a talent? Converse to this, perhaps feeds and the development of XML in this way is the future. In which case less thought can be put into design and more thought put into distribution. Ha! You could say the money is in being the paper boy, not the newsagent.

It would be good to find more sites that I can visit regularly. Perhaps I could find some like-minded people. Actually, scrub that – it would be quite scary! The problem is – and I have no statistics to back this up – a lot of blogs don’t last. I should know, I have eight¹, and only this one I maintain!¹ Three MSN Spaces, one MySpace, two WordPress, one WordPress.com and one LiveJournal. The WordPress ones are the best, by the way!

  1. weiran says:

    Feeds are a great way to organise your daily reading. With regards to your lack of design comment, if a blog has a good design, then I prefer to read a post in the blog instead of from my feedreader. Fortunately, if a blog as a bad design, I can read it from my feedreader instead of having to suffer from that offending site.

    Might I recommend Feedlounge, although it is subscription based, I find having access to my feeds anywhere in the World very useful :).

  2. weiran says:

    Off topic, but this thing is just gold!

  3. Steve says:

    Haha, I have left a question myself 😉

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