Forgotten What I Was Going To Say

Posted: 19.05.06 in Blogging

I was going to write a post on something but having seen something I rather liked it knocked the wind out of me – and my memory. Ah well. It inspired a little jealousy, it made we want to swap places with someone. But never mind.

Well, today I had my last ever lecture and last ever tutorial for Year 2 – provided I don’t have to restart the year, of course. As such it was a very quick day, and I was back by 1 p.m. I got “straight back” to work (of course I lie, I chatted to David, as usual whenever he comes online, and Chris – I tried to extract the same fun from him as he once did from me. However, my conscience frequently nips into turbo mode and speeds away from the situation, and thus I gained quite a bit of fun out of speeding away, but not from the actual situation. I suppose that makes me rather like Jeremy Clarkson – visits all four corners of the Earth, but no matter where he is, his enjoyment is gained from driving around.

And I remember what I was going to say! I have just received an email from the AUT rep at the School of Mathematics and Statistics, informing us that all exams have been set for the department. It remains to be seen as to whether or not they will be marked, but at least I won’t have to interrupt my summer plans in order to take exams.

It’s odd (yes, I’m returning to my mind!). I can be happy almost anywhere I go. I can only think of one place when my heart sank so low it almost broke me, and it isn’t likely I will return there. But I wonder where I would be happiest. There are four specific towns in my mind where I imagine living. One is here, and the other three seem appealing. Perhaps it is just a case that the grass is always greener on the other side. So why is that odd? Well, why think about other places when you are happy where you are? Maybe I am subconsciously unhappy. But what the hell does that mean? In all, perhaps I am just a confused soul!

  1. wl says:

    You’re really making things cryptic; but of course why should tell people everything?! Sometimes if you tell everything, they may neglect the existence of certain part(s). The good thing about not telling everyhting is that people may get aware of the thing left out – not important perhaps but seemingly should be part of the story. Anyway, good try… see if you want to reveal a little bit more – are these three towns in the U.

    K. or around the world? Ever want to travel or even live for a while outside the U.


  2. Steve says:

    They are all in the UK, I have a chamber from my heart in each of those places!

    Anyway – call me cryptic! Either you are hiding something, or your parents gave you an unpronouncable name! 🙂

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