Happy Beta

Posted: 23.05.06 in Blogging

Microsoft has gone a bit nuts for Beta release software right now. Right now I have Windows Media Player 11 Beta; Windows Messenger 8 Live Beta; Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 and I did have Microsoft Defender 2 Beta.

So it must be pretty hectic in the Microsoft software development labs (or rooms, or whatever).

Not unlike me! Between doctors’ visits and exams I’m cramming like I have never done before. Odd. Anyway, I remembered that metaphor I reminded myself about this morning…

Life is like a train journey. Some like to read, some like to eat. Some play on their laptops, some play in the toilets… Some run up and down the train for fun. Some even work on the train! But the point is, no matter how bored we get, we find ourselves something to do. We don’t just jump off. So no matter how boring life gets (and indeed the train journey) there will always be something there to do (and knowing the British rail system, you should be mildly entertained by what goes on anyway…).


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