First Impression

Posted: 27.05.06 in Blogging

I have finished my revision for MAS252 (Methods For Solving Differential Equations, in case you wanted to know). I say finished – I have finished all that I’m going to do. I am disappointed in my self in that I haven’t written up all my notes, and knowing my post-exam record, they probably will not get done. It is true when they say a stitch in time saves nine.

Anyway, I want to impress someone. Oh how do I do that? I’m not remarkable, I’m not especially different and my interests are simple and boring. Oh well, never mind. Maybe someone might appreciate the weighty baggage of my mind.

As I was saying to David, my fantasies help me through the day – not that the day is difficult. But fantasies help keep me optimistic. Hence my post yesterday (or today, I forget which – sorry wl!) about whether someone can live with fantasies constantly on my mind. A theme runs through my fantasies though – I am admired, appreciated, loved and respected. These appear to be my goals – whether or not they are exercised in the same manner as my fantasies.

Anyway, seeing as some annoying sod has given me an exam on a Saturday morning, I have to be up at 6 (yes, I know, feeling sorry for myself again…) so I bid thee good night or, if you are reading this in the future, good day!

  1. [ Shell ] says:

    hope your exam went ok 🙂

  2. wl says:

    How many people out there are remarkable, especially different, and are with ‘interesting’ interests (I don’t think it matters what it is as long as you do enjoy it)? How many people are like that around you? If you can’t name many (or any), then there aren’t many in a larger scale as well. People living on my floor stay in the kitchen every night untill quite late, or precisely early in the morning, just chatting. If people are so special, I suppose they would have occupied themselves with something different rather than chatting up all night or clubbing as often as they do. So, that should not be something to worry about. Mmn, at least you’re special in terms of your looks. And there definitely are some people born to be attracted to it, and some people are attracted to your type of temperament. Hehe… guess you’ll be very pleased to know that you’re Alan Shearer in some people’s eyes.
    I think the title of this post fits what I’m going to say. I visited Newcastle Upon Tyne yesterday. My first impression was that it’s much colder there than in Birmingham. It drizzled for most of the time I was there. When it poured around 12am, I was trying to find my way around the uni. I was a little disappointed at first, for the campus is not as big as it is shown on the map. It seems that that hospital dominates the left side (facing the map) of Queen Victoria Road and it takes probably only fifteen minutes to walk all over the right side of it (without stop). I was there to meet my MA course director and after that I popped into several buildings and found quite neat inside. That’s something great. I saw the building for M&S School and Biology School which you must be very familiar with. I couldn’t have missed it for it’s next to the English School building where I’m going to have my lectures next academic year. So, hehe, guess I can see you around a lot later. Oh, and incidentally, I won’t forget about the ice-cream thing. Thanks for remembering my suggestion on the date stuff. I’m sorry if that bothers you. But hold on!

    And last thing to say, good night to you! (I can’t say it on behalf of other readers without their permission, but I assume they would be willing to say that to you too. )

  3. Steve says:

    I suppose everyone has their quirks and uniqueness, but obviously not enough so that you get an ice cream! And as for being Alan Shearer in some people’s eyes, if you have any names, addresses, phone numbers… !

    Funny you should mention the Biology School – if you are talking about the Ridley Building, I was in there yesterday, doing a Maths exam in a Biology Lab. Well it made sense to someone! Our Uni probably doesn’t appear as big as some other universities because of the number of high rise buildings: there are rather few buildings that have less than three floors. The buildings are also quite close together. But the Uni looks after 25,000 students, so it must be quite big in some respects!

    Anyway, good night to you (and anyone else who may be wishing me good night)!

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