The Mighty Jungle

Posted: 29.05.06 in Blogging

Aye, it’s Bank Holiday Monday – fantastic time to do some revision. However, I was taking a tea and mini muffins break and Carry On Up The Jungle was on the TV. I wonder who wrote the scripts… but the fantasy of it all is incredible – and of course it sparked a few fantasies of my own.

If whatever happened tomorrow would be completely forgotten by everyone else the next day (and thereafter), what would you do? I smile as I write this, because I have an idea of what I would do – and I would never do it otherwise! You see, the point of this question is an interesting one. Whatever you would do would be something that you would not feel guilty in yourself about doing, but you would be affected by how other people would react. I suppose to some degree this is true for my fantasy. There is another interesting point – I bet everyone would have something in mind to do on this day. The fact these would not be done is characteristic of human nature I suppose.

So I am a big hypocrite. I would tell someone to do whatever they wanted (within reason) and not let anyone stop them. But I can’t do it myself.

  1. wl says:

    …and if whatever happened later today would be completely forgotten by everyone else tomorrow, I would ask someone elso to sit my exam for me. Hehe, I’ve done enough revision but still I’m off to hit my notes now. Best of luck to everyone (I know you’ve got one) who’s got one today!

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