Surround Sound

Posted: 30.05.06 in Blogging

I keep hearing voices from all around me. Conflicting opinions and varying advice leaves me thinking I should just go with how I feel. But then that is no less varying and five minutes pondering on one side leads to five minutes’ thoughts to the contrary. So what do I do? Well, for many decisions, I choose nothing (the “null” hypothesis). If I stick to the status quo, then at least I know what to expect. If I have to choose between two (or more) things then what do I do then? I’m tempted to avoid having to make those decisions.

In other news, I have to try and find somewhere to stay in Sittingbourne. I might have to start dropping hints to people (again!). I hate doing that, but it would let a few people down if I don’t. I am such a pain!


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