Pain Is Close To Pleasure

Posted: 31.05.06 in Blogging

My wrist bloody hurts. I probably have repetitive strain injury (RSI) from continued writing, typing and… playing my guitar. I have an exam tomorrow afternoon (oh yes, an afternoon exam!) so I have stopped revising for the night. I am finding it difficult to revise effectively at the moment. I can’t quite put my finger on why. Noise distracts me. Silence distracts me.

Silence distracts me because my mind tries to fill in the void. So I think about my muses, my past, and my future.

Oh my future. I know everything that is going to happen up until 2nd June. Two days. After that, anything could happen. 5th-8th June should be when Anthony, Colin and Phil come up. 9th June I’m down to Sittingbourne. However, at the moment, I’m going to have try to hide somewhere in Sittingbourne overnight so that I might not be attacked by drunk/high/normal scallies. Or I could blag a place to stay. So if I send you a text tomorrow, it is because I do in fact love you very, very much!

  1. [ Shell ] says:

    Best of luck for the exam.

    Im sure you'll do great though 🙂

  2. Mayang says:

    pain is parallel to pleasure! 😉

  3. Steve says:

    Thanks Shell! This exam went ok, it’s… today’s exam to worry about now! AAAARGH!

    And Mayang, perhaps you are right. Like chips, or ice cream, or chocolate. It gives you pleasure in the knowledge that it may well eventually kill you. Nice thought!

  4. wl says:

    I’m pretty sure now that there is something wrong with the time display in your blog. Since it’s ‘today’s exam to worry about now’, I assume the reall time you got your words posted should be after 12pm. Then where did this 23:09 come from?! In fact, the time display has never been right in my case. I used to think it might only happen on my computer. But now it seems not. Anyway, it is 06:40am at the moment, and let’s see what we’ll get this time.

  5. wl says:

    The displayed time is about one hour later than the real time. Maybe another experiment helps … 06:50 now and…

  6. Steve says:

    Yeah I posted that comment after midnight.

  7. Mayang says:

    may kill you but i’ll be damned if i die of pleasure! it’ll all be worth it! haha 😀

  8. Steve says:

    Think I have sorted out the time now.

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