Long Away

Posted: 02.06.06 in Blogging

Today was different – I packed a lot in, certainly. I got up about twenty past six this morning for my last exam. It turned out better than I had anticipated, and my nerves before the exam were settled by looking at the past paper on the bus. Got there rather early, and having not eaten that morning I was starving by the end of the exam.

Anyway, I eventually got home – no thanks to Arriva’s buses, who rarely get through a day without at least one bus breaking down. And since a 20% hike in bus fares has been introduced, it’s a bitter pill to swallow. Anyway, got home, had soup and rolls, watched cricket and fell asleep for a couple of hours. I woke up just in time for grandma and grandad coming. Grandad took me to the doctors: all clear, but I can only give blood every 12 months now, unfortunately.

Had fish and chips à la freezer for tea then Jeanette (from upstairs) came round. This was due to a mix-up of dates, so I had scampi and chips… for tea. So I am stuffed.

I also feel rather guilty tonight because I have asked Pete and Donna whether I can stay round theirs. To compound on my cheekiness, I proposed I stay from next Friday to the following Thursday. I didn’t stay long enough last time, but I think that might be too long, because the flat isn’t very big and I will probably get in the way.

So (tentatively) I’m coming down to Sittingbourne!


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