Media Intrusion

Posted: 08.06.06 in Blogging

Well that was quite a packed day. Started off early to Newcastle Central to meet Scott and show him round. Took him to the Quayside, over the Millennium Bridge and tried the Baltic (shut until 10 am) so headed for the Sage Gateshead. Had a cup of tea there, went back to the Baltic, and had a go on this exhibition, which was rather good. You go through a tunnel lined with newspaper and magazines scrunched up, and television screens with different channels from around the world were blaring away as you went through. Then there was a slide at the end. All rather interesting.

We got an ice cream and then headed back on the electric Quaylink bus (75p dammit, though half the price of the ice cream!). I then took Scott around the Student Union – played pool (I lost, narrowly) then we had food at the Crow’s Nest. The home time for Scott. I lost my return Metro Ticket (the bastards have hiked the tickets by more than Arriva – £2 return from Haymarket to Central Station – and that’s Zone 1!) so I walked back into town.

Then I went to Boundary Mill… oh dear. Me in Boundary Mill with a sale on Tog24 stuff is like taking a child with twenty pounds to Toys ‘r’ Us (ah yes, I remember those days…). I bought three t-shirts (3 for 2), with an extra 10% off… You can’t say fairer than that!


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