Sittingbourne 2006 #1

Posted: 15.06.06 in Blogging

Adam’s Party

Well I got off the train about 4pm and walked through Sittingbourne, smiling away – I was back in town! I saw Chris Williams on the way to Sittingbourne Rec (“Albany Park”). Caught up with Adam, Pole, Lauren and some other people as they gathered in the park before we set off to Gore Court. Adam – such a nice bloke (not a boy any more!) – carried my guitar as I had one of the scariest phone conversations I ever had. Not very nice to hear that kind of thing.

But anyway, to the party. I really enjoyed it. After a couple of drinks, I started chatting to everyone! The bands were really good as well, interspersed with songs from The Mighty Boosh. Have a cup of tea!

Adam got wallpaper-pasted, I just received an email sent to everyone that was there asking what happened to him that night! I can only help him up until the party finished, as I went back to Pete and Donna’s, while he was probably having God-knows-what pierced by Pie. But I hear good things happened after I parted with them, which is indeed very good.

Back to the party! I had a good chat with Ayshe (Adam’s Mum) and Steph, and her boyfriend, and Rhys too… he was playing Lemmings. Bless!

Anyway, that was probably the best 18th I had gone to! Shame I never heard Hello by Lionel Richie being played!


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