Sittingbourne 2006 #2

Posted: 15.06.06 in Blogging


As I was approaching Sittingbourne on the train on the Friday, I received a string of text messages from James asking me whether (as a last resort) I would play cricket for his team on the Saturday. And you know me, I can’t say no to a damsel in distress – or indeed anyone for that matter.

So indeed I went. I was placed, for the most part, at fine leg, which meant at the end of every over, I ran to the opposite end of the pitch. So that was pretty tiring, until I was placed at second slip for three or four overs. I made a stretching dive for the ball (which I knew I would never reach anyway) at second slip, but nothing else came my way. So I was sent back to fine leg. This was fine for me – all I had to do was to stop the balls going for four runs and covering for Al, which I did quite well.

And I batted at 11th man. I remembered most things James and Louis taught me that morning. I should have been out for a golden duck (stumped) but I was given the benefit of the doubt (twice) and lasted eight balls (or three overs) before being caught off the glove. A bit unlucky, but at least I lasted longer than I had anticipated.

Predictably, we lost. But we lost by less than fifty runs. I stopped Les from performing his one-man revival, but I got a pint of Fosters and a hefty Chinese as a reward for my sacrifice (being crap and attaining a bit of tan, and a few bruises and wrecking my trousers). So everyone played well (except me) and I have an official batting average (of zero, but never mind!). Northfleet CC will never ask me to play for them again!


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