Palm Sunday

Posted: 16.06.06 in Blogging

I remember from the mists of my mind that according to the Bible, Jesus came to Jerusalem on a donkey, and that the locals lined his path with palm leaves. Well I have realised a more symbolic meaning behind this story, which is more personal to me.

I feel like I am walking along a narrow path. You may like to think of this as the path of my life. I walk along it. Everyone else lines my path with branches and leaves, which are actually their problems. Some of them I step over and ignore – this isn’t always best, but sometimes it is. Other times, although the problems are small and represent mere leaves, I help to sweep them up and tidy them away. The huge branches however take time to pass. Some I can jump over, perhaps to ignore completely, or perhaps to return to them and help sort them out later. If I do that however, I feel guilty that I have left such a mess behind so I turn round and help out. I could stay and sort them out there and then. But if I do this, it hinders my progress along the path.

Perhaps I might have gone twice as far as I had done so far if I had just walked away. But that doesn’t help anyone. Thing is, no-one notices a nice clear path, but a mess is always noted. One might forgive a bit of a mess here or there, but you get it into your head that if you already have the brush out you may as well finish the job. But there is the danger you become obsessive-compulsive. Who can win eh?!

Jesus had it easy – his job was to die and the path would be clear. I am armed with a dustpan and brush dammit!


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