Sittingbourne 2006 #3

Posted: 16.06.06 in Blogging


Pete had already gone to work and Donna was going to go out to see her Aunty, so I decided to visit Nick, as I had not already done so. I walked up to Bredgar to see him and he was watching the British Grand Prix. It was unusually awkward visit, I recall. There wasn’t a particular reason why this should be so, but I felt that it would be easier if I kept quiet. Then James arrived and we all headed to Pete’s mum’s to have a BBQ, which really was great – the best potato salad I ever had, and the skewers were fantastic!

We played a bit of cricket in the nets after that – my bowling was attrocious, though having said that, I bowled Louis out with a fantastic ball. It was of good length with the biggest amount of backspin I could muster. The ball cut off the grass (read dust) and flew into the stumps. Howzat!

So after that we went to The Sun Inn for a couple of drinks. And then Nick Hampshire turned up. How surreal! The bloke was reciting the prologue to Romeo And Juliet as Shakespeare intended and was drinking ‘gay’ drinks as the others coaxed him into clarifying his sexuality. In the end some people were discussing politics, which at 11pm on a Sunday after a couple of drinks is the last thing I wanted. So after the bar closed, we walked back, as is now becoming tradition. As part of this tradition, things were said that people thankfully do not take heed of. Hampshire by now was rather well lubricated by the alcohol, and started dragging wheelie bins into the middle of the road (sorry to those passing through Bredgar at the time) and we made our way through the field. Hampshire sprang a leak twice in that space of time, somehow. On the second instance, I was instructed to run, which was a bit harsh, so I didn’t run all that quickly and Hampshire caught up with me, the other two having disappeared behind a car. Nick Dathan produced ‘one for the road’ and we continued our journey. Pete and I had a good heart-to-heart at the end, which made me feel much better by what had been going on.


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