Sittingbourne 2006 #5

Posted: 16.06.06 in Blogging


We decided the night before that we would head to Maidstone and go bowling before we decided where we were going to go for our ‘road trip’ the next day. As it happens, the bowling was booked out, so we were out on our ear. James bought Schindler’s List on DVD from HMV, and we headed off. To Bearsted Green.

It was there in the hazy sunshine the scene was set. Two cars, two drivers, five passengers. Nick and James driving a Punto and a Fiesta respectively – myself and Steve in the Fiesta; Donna, Pete and Russell in the Fiesta. We pointed along the south coast on the map until fingers rested on Hastings. So along the A229 we headed before coming to rest at Cranbrook, where we stocked up on supplies (this is starting to sound like Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Road Trippin’). Then we continued the journey of near-death experiences (wreckless manoeuvres and skidding lorries) towards Hastings. On arrival, we descended the hills and played adventure golf. It is much more fun to play half-arsed, it is worth the embarrassment of being beaten by Donna (though I didn’t quite manage that either!). Pete pushed me into the sea and we mucked about for a bit before returning to Sittingbourne.

And after some of the worst decisions ever made this century, we managed to get to the Chinese. And as ever it was fantastic. Those bird-eye chillis were much hotter than I remember though – I shan’t be chewing the seeds in future!


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