Sittingbourne 2006 #6

Posted: 17.06.06 in Blogging

Old Haunts

Pete and I, with a lack of anything constructive to do, decided to head out to Sittingbourne. I needed to book the 5 a side for that evening, so I got all that sorted. Then we headed to GameStation (there is one in The Forum now!) and Pete bought some NHL game for the GameCube. It was quite good, I managed to beat him 16-1 and won a fight… but anyway…

After that, I decided we should go and see my old house. So we went and stopped for a Pizza Hut on the way (as you do) then headed towards my house. Saw Matt on the way. It made me feel very old, because as he walked off, the first thing I thought was “my how he’s grown”. So I got to my old house, and it was for sale. After little more than a year. It sounds like a lot of work had gone into it, and so it should if they plan on making £21k extra on the price they paid for the place.

It doesn’t appear any different from the outside, save for the overgrown bushes and weeds in the garden. We had it done so nice – it really isn’t that hard to look after, but never mind. They knocked the garage down behind the house and they have started building flats, which should improve Milton Regis a bit (though it might not!).

Later on, Nick took myself and Martin to Bluewater, where I bought a pair of shorts (shock horror!). Nick – the treachorous sod – bought a Spain shirt. So after that, Donna cooked for me again, and again it was lovely. It was a kind of chicken casserole with mash, peas and carrots. So then it was the 5 a side football…

The teams were myself, James, Louis, Matt and Alex versus Martin, Nick, Steve, Gavin and Joe. We won, surprisingly. I was really rather useless. We won it when I was in goal and the rest of the team were either firing them in or saving my arse in goal. It was great to see everyone there, especially seeing as that was my last day in Sittingbourne.

  1. dave says:

    You’ld have been better off coming to Chesterfield,dozens of pubs and 4 computer shops.

  2. Steve says:

    Ha! Sounds like Sittingbourne (only bigger). By the way, I hope for your sake it isn’t like Sittingbourne (only bigger)!

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