Distant Dreams

Posted: 18.06.06 in Blogging

Wow. Can’t get Adam’s party out of my head. I am such a jealous man! In other words, I want one. Thing is, I know I won’t get one. Shame.

And it wouldn’t work anyway. Being on the day it is, and the time of year it is, everyone has everything else on their minds and they are dotted all over the country, settling into Uni, or whatever, anyway. So this would probably mean that no-one would come in any case. For those that would come, I would have to organise a venue that would allow everyone to stay over. Ah well, something else to dream about!

Never mind. I had a great night that night, so I can’t be disappointed that mine won’t happen. In fact the whole week was a such a care-free affair. It’s funny because my week should have been spoilt before it started, but it didn’t. I wish I was there now. Then maybe I might have got to the Tap ‘n’ Tin!


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