Posted: 20.06.06 in Blogging

Well this course I am doing is getting better. We’ve moved into a lecture theatre which is an improvement – for me anyway. It’s a format I’m used to.

I also bought two England home shirts to from Sports Soccer – £11.99 each, which is certainly not bad money compared to the prices that some are prepared to part with. So that was good.

So, I come to the match. Oh Owen. I fear for next season already. I bet Freddy Shepherd is desperately screaming into Shearer’s voicemail. So what of England? Well we’re pretty much screwed now. Only joking! But I bet some of you might have given half a nod of solemn acknowledgement there… Well, though it pains me to say, I think we missed Gary Neville tonight. Carragher was ok, but you can tell he isn’t as happy playing as right back. On the other hand, everyone had their eyes on Hargreaves, and he performed. So I’m very much pleased for him – I feel that Carrick might have found himself out of his depth in that central role.

Then apart from the obvious set pieces, England shouldn’t have too many concerns to address for the next round.


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