Folk Music

Posted: 22.06.06 in Blogging

Now, before I continue, I must apologise to followers of folk, particularly to the person who I had this conversation with. I just found it very funny.

Folk Person: Tonight we had six or seven fiddlers, a bodhran player, a boner (Tom and I shared the duties on this one), about four penny whistles, 4 flutes, a guitar, a banjo, 2 accordions and a melodoneon.Steve B: Six fiddlers and a boner… need I say more… How do you share a boner? Sorry, I just had to ask!FP: Well, bones are a musical accompaniment, sometimes made of wood, sometimes of real cattle/sheep rib bone, which you hold in a certain way, and by flicking your wrist bang them together, achieving a pattern as a percussion.Steve B: You’re not helping yourself! I’m nearly pissing myself laughing, I’m sorry.FP: I was borrowing my friend’s best pair (he has 2, one of which I can’t play that well) for some of the songs when he was playing the tin whistle…

I’m like a miner really. You go through a lot of crap conversations, and suddenly you find a bit of gold that you just want to tell everyone about!


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