Pheasant Pluckers

Posted: 25.06.06 in Blogging

I like going to Peter Barratts and Matalan. That way I don’t spend any money. I nearly spent upwards of £25 on a pair of shorts that I would never wear. They looked nice on me, it’s just I’m never happy showing off my legs! So reason prevailed, and the shorts remain on the rack.

So England won. And that’s good. Only Lampard, Terry and Gerrard are really letting the side down in my book. It’s ironic that the season that these players have had has been good for all of them – but they can’t seem to translate this onto the national level. This lowers my respect for them as footballers. They may well complain it’s hot over there, but the fact is that the conditions are the same for everyone, and the great players will overcome the heat. Rooney and Beckham did just that today, and my respect for them has grown. As the old adage says, improve or die.

I managed to download Microsoft Windows Vista this morning – I had to start again after Firefox’s download manager didn’t manage the download properly… so I used the one recommended by Microsoft, and that worked fine. Also the new Messenger Plus Live is… live. So I downloaded that too. But where are the plugins?!


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