Jumping On The Blandwagon

Posted: 26.06.06 in Blogging

Well Switzerland v Ukraine was pretty crap, wasn’t it? I fell asleep twice during that game, and Mum fell asleep too. We love football, but this isn’t the kind of game worth staying awake for. And to carry on the theme of football, I must voice my utter annoyance that Australia were cheated like that. Fair enough, Lucas Neill buggered up. But to lose by a penalty as the last kick of the game by a penalty which should not have been given is a bitter pill. And seeing as I was saying to everyone “Australia are going to win the World Cup” I feel a bit silly now. How silly of me not to consider the cheating Azzuri? Hehe.

In other news… I’ve been trying to sort out my bedroom ready to redecorate. I did get a bit sidetracked moving the computer out of my room (of course I had to keep it operational!). But my room is so small it’s going to be difficult to paint my ceiling without keep moving things. There isn’t any room in the rest of the flat to put anything (apart from the computer, just about). Ah well, I suppose no-one ever did anything worth doing without a little effort…


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