La Vista De La Ventana

Posted: 29.06.06 in Blogging

First, an apology for not posting (as if I owe it to you anyway!). The reason why was because I was trying to install Microsoft Windows Vista Beta 2 on my laptop. My laptop struggles to cope with me resting a can of coke on it, so it really didn’t appreciate me trying to stuff it with a new operating system. So instead I installed it on this poor machine.

If you want a review then I’m not completely happy with it. First of all, this version is the Ultimate version. “Good”, you might think. But then that is like a second-hand car salesman directing me, clutching £300 for a motor, to a brand new Aston Martin DB7 (which, by the way, is much nicer than its updated versions in my opinion), and saying “This is the best we have, would you like a test drive?”. Naturally I say yes – I’m not stupid – but it doesn’t get me anywhere (apart from around the block a few times).

The Beta 2 version is also rather slow… luckily for my computer, I am not prone to kick out at a moment of grievance. So it lives.

But otherwise it’s very pretty! Which is exactly what we want from an operating system – isn’t it?


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