Humidity And Humiliation

Posted: 02.07.06 in Blogging

This is one for the Grumpy Old Bastards… We went to Aldi today for the first time. Now we have never been to an Aldi before, so we didn’t know what to expect. Those that have been before will probably know what is coming…

We went in, and to the horror of those in company, there are no shopping baskets – just trolleys. We went round, and picked up some nice things, and for rather cheap. I got some really nasty smelly stuff on my finger off a cauliflower… best not to linger on that thought. When we got to the end, 3p a bag. It’s an absolute disgrace apparently… “Well I won’t be shopping here again…”… and they don’t accept credit card… and all hell broke loose. I thought those in my company were going to start ripping out ceiling tiles and smashing windows. Oh well, never mind.

We had been to a garden centre (oh joy of joys) and bought this and that. Apart from that it has been an uneventful day. I didn’t do any painting: the extent of my decorating was tutting at the masking tape which was peeling itself from the ceiling, oddly. Oh well, I might get some done tomorrow…

  1. dave says:

    They should bomb all Aldi’s,Netto’s and Lidi’s off the face of the planet.

    As for Christiano,he won’t be coming to my home ground’it’s Saltergate,the biggest shithole in the league.

  2. danny says:

    good grief!!! having to pay for bag’s – it’s outrageous. they just don’t know what to charge us for next, probably the air we breathe in their shops.they don’t take credit cards because it costs money to process them, the tights gits.i’ve never shopped at aldi and never will now, but will still find someone else to moan for garden centres…grrrrr!!!!

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