Deception Of Perception

Posted: 05.07.06 in Blogging

I thought I knew what made a man attractive. Well, you pick this kind of thing up…! But there is something I remember from before the World Cup started. I can’t remember where I heard or read this, but I distinctly remember that (allegedly) the Dutch gay community voted Cristiano Ronaldo as the most attractive footballer playing at the World Cup. Now, aside from his current other turn-offs for most males in this country (gay or not!), he doesn’t strike me as the most attractive. Tell me if I’m wrong…

  1. dave says:

    Agree with you Steve’he’s an ugly git.

    Now if Maria Sharapova played football,I’d be there every week

  2. [ Shell ] says:

    He’s minging. yuck!

  3. danny says:

    just look at sven. i mean, can anyone honestly say that it’s not the size of his wallet that attracts women.

  4. [ Shell ] says:

    well, it aint much else! I wouldnt even go near him for his wallet! yuck

  5. Steve says:

    I always like his glasses though…

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