Sod’s Law

Posted: 06.07.06 in Blogging

While my main computer is semi-incapacitated, I have been playing Football Manager 2005 on my laptop. I am manager of Newcastle United. The following players hate me: Charles N’Zogbia, Jermaine Jenas, Lee Bowyer, James Milner and Steven Taylor. We are sixth in the league, and have reached the semi-finals of the FA Cup and the UEFA Cup. Here is where Sod’s Law comes in. In these semi-finals, I face Chelsea in both. Having lost the first leg of the UEFA Cup 2-0 at Stamford Bridge, I won 2-0 in normal time in the return leg, and then Wayne Bridge scored in the last minute of extra time… so I quit without saving. Oh come on, everyone does it! Though having said that, I don’t usually. I just really don’t like losing Chelsea!

So the decorating stepped up a gear today. I used the roller. I really didn’t want to use the roller because it takes twice as long to clean up afterwards and the amount of paint required seems to at least double. But then, the covering seems better, so perhasps less paint is used in the long run.

And Sod’s Law returns… as danny said, there is a reason why the word pain is in painting… now that I have finished some of the walls, the paint is cracking. Small little cracks are appearing in the walls. DAMMIT!

It has been quite hot today. Predictably my head didn’t take too well to it. On the B&Q tub of China Blue matt emulsion, it says only not to apply on temperatures of less than 10°C. That certainly wasn’t the case…

  1. danny says:

    always use deluxe paint. expensive but good.

  2. dave says:

    Sell Lee Bowyer to West Ham and you’ll win the league

  3. Steve says:

    lol done! Does the same go for real life too?!

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