The Union Of The Snake

Posted: 06.07.06 in Blogging

I know this title should please someone ;)I’m watching Mind, Body & Kick Ass Miracles on BBC Three with Chris Crudelli, and there were some interesting things. There is how to improve your libido with a snake drowned in wine. And there is a place where you are prepared snake treatments in order to improve areas of the body. Crudelli was offered a king cobra gallbladder (for £400)… he opted for a cheaper alternative.

There was also a mystic in Malaysia who was a 72 year old woman who could determine your physical ailments, suggest exercises, offer her own magic milk to heal, and will also sell her wide range of phallus objects to help improve her customers’ businesses.

Makes you realise what a sedate country this is…

  1. danny says:

    there’s a fascinating story about how they make snake whisky in vietnam here, complete with pictures:a href=””>Snake Whiskyfascinating yet gross at the same time.

  2. danny says:

    well, that’s what you get when you try to be clever and put a link thingy in!

  3. pugs says:

    Hey Steve.. just popped in to thank you for your visit, thought I would return the favour!
    I will now try a link thingy that danny tried… I think he left out the on the end.
    My New Site

  4. pugs says:

    hmmm…. weird!
    My New Site

  5. pugs says:

    Sorry Steve.. just had to get it right.. I know you can delete these comments though…

    Don’t like to be beaten thats my trouble.. lol

  6. Steve says:

    Lol! You lot will be the end of me! First time I have ever got 7 new messages! Oh well… a quick lesson for you all then!<a href="stick link here">Link name</a>will get youLink nameHope that’s sorted now 😉

  7. danny says:

    right! here goes nothing!Snake Whisky

  8. danny says:

    bloody hell! it worked!thanks chaps – for once i am not grumpy!

  9. Steve says:

    Well, nearly… Nice try Danny!

  10. danny says:

    oh bugger!!!!

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