Teenage Angst

Posted: 10.07.06 in Blogging

Nick has got it into his head that I am going into a stage of teenage angst. Why? I’m not sure. He seems to be going through an emo stage, which is possibly more disturbing! I suppose when you are bored and isolated, some might find solace in emoism (if that is a word). As for me, buying a pair of skater shorts doesn’t make me a teenager. They just looked quite nice. And, to be honest, the belt persuaded me to get them. It’s quite nice. Though it perhaps weighs more than me.

So we went to Royal Quays, North Shields today. Boring stuff on the whole. There wasn’t anything there to look at, let alone buy. Then we went to Boundary Mill… which is where I bought the aforementioned item of clothing.

Weiran has said I should buy an Apple MacMini. I’m not sure. It’ll be like spending all your life eating white bread then deciding to eat brown bread. On the one hand, it could be the best change you have made. On the other hand, you might not like it and throw it out. Wasting 40p on a loaf of bread is a bit different to chucking away £400-odd on a computer. It’s shame they don’t let you try before you buy! (Unless they do… wink wink…)

  1. dave says:

    If you think North Shields is boring try a place called Clay Cross near Chesterfield.

    More excitement in an episode of Gardeners World.

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