Return Of The Queen

Posted: 14.07.06 in Blogging

I finished doing my room today… sort of. So I was moving everything to where should now belong. I then glanced at the tin of Quality Street. Did I really put it in there? Yes I did.

18 Queen CDs in a Newcastle United CD case had been in that tin for weeks. I think I must have put them in there to get them out of the way and safe while I decorated my room. So now my CDs smell like chocolate.

Well, as the phrase goes, I had been running round like a headless chicken today. Changing lightbulbs, drilling walls, screwing screws, hammering nails, and trying my best to dig rock solid clay, I managed to plant two of the four clematis plants left for me to plant.

There you go… that was an interesting post…

  1. dave says:

    You should get a job on DIY SOS.

    Pleased you’ve got Queen back,early stuff is awesome.

  2. [ Shell ] says:

    YAY return of the champions indeed

  3. Steve says:

    I like DIY SOS… looks fun… really think I’d get a job? Hehe…

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