Normal Wisdom

Posted: 17.07.06 in Blogging

Wisdom comes from pain, sorrow and grief. The reason? We learn best when it is attached with an emotion, particularly a negative one.

This is useful. If we get used to some kind of action causing a negative response, we seek a way to change it. Similarly, if something good happens, we learn that by repeating this, we can experience this pleasure again.

So why am I babbling on about wisdom?

Thing is, I see myself as a wise person. I also hasten to add that I don’t see myself as someone that has suffered: rather I accept the lessons I am given more readily. However I feel that others don’t take heed of the consequences of the past. This actually shocks me somewhat. How is it that people can make the same mistake over and over again?

Perhaps this has got something to do with my brain. It’s similar to my views on my conscience. My conscience is such that I used to feel guilty about biting into a sweet that was shaped like a bear. Thus I ate them whole. And these were Asda gummy sweets, so it probably wasn’t good for me (Walmart may now take legal action against me).

So may I bring the two together…? What I mean is that I am willing to impart my wisdom to anyone should they want it. It may be of limited use, but I think that some people might be surprised by the breadth of my knowledge and wisdom.

  1. helen says:

    You are lucky to be wise at your age, I think some people are born with wisdom, while others alas never seem to acquire it, no matter what life throws at them they never learn the lesson. I am one who as acquired my little bit wisdom from mistakes I have made in the past. After all if you don’t make mistakes you never learn.

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