The Cost Of Music

Posted: 18.07.06 in Blogging

I was discussing with someone today about the economics of music. In short, they were using a program called Limewire to download music from the Internet for free. I’m not a copyright expert, but I believe this is illegal. Apparently the program asks you not to infringe copyright by using the program. Yet I believe it is extremely difficult to utilise the software without infringing copyright laws.

So it has got me thinking. Is there any way in which you can experience music for free? For me the answer is no.

For music that makes it into the mainstream, you must buy the music in order to experience it. Be it on the radio, on television, or by transferable media (downloads, CDs, etc.), you must pay a fee in order to listen to it. Even if you want to listen to it live, you will be charged what is becoming a ridiculous amount of money to experience it.

So what about making your own music? Unless you can entertain yourself a capella, it is going to cost you. Instruments cost a lot – even if you make your own! Building a basic guitar usually costs more than buying one. And what about learning to play your chosen instrument? It is difficult to learn to play an instrument without some sort of guidance – whether they be lessons, books, videos or even music to play along to.

And if you want to record your music, you must pay for more equipment. A half decent multitrack device will cost in excess of £50 certainly, brand new. Nowadays, of course, there is no point in recording unless you do it digitally on a computer.

And it goes on. So what is the lesson of it all? Music costs. You can’t expect the world of music to continue as it does unless you pay for it. Perhaps those that download music for free are as bad as those that walk into a shop and steal a CD. One last question… what makes those that download music for free any better than those that download the new Sport Relief single for free?

To summarise, just because you can’t see the people you are ripping off, and because they can’t see you either, it doesn’t mean it hurts them any less.

  1. dave says:

    There are quite a few freeware programs available which allow you to make music.

    You can also download drum loops and guitar loops for free,the only problem being they are usually aimed at hip hop and that type of music.

    If Dan reads your blog he might be able to give you some advice.

  2. Steve says:

    I do have some music editing software – the thing cost quite a bit and is a little outdated because I got it to do my GCSE Music composing work.

    The problem with those free softare is, as you say, that it is geared for budding DJs with an ear for corny drum beats… They also offer a limited degree of freedom too.

    And in any case, you need a computer to use it! So that might be a major outlay!

  3. danny says:

    cakewalk have a home user version of music creator which is quite good for recording.if you want to hear any of my music, drop me a line and i’ll point you to a magic url!

  4. Steve says:

    Lol – sounds too good to miss!

    What’s a magic URL?

  5. danny says:

    er…ok…i haven’t posted anything in a couple of weeks but there are some tracks on there, with more to be added soon.bathtub blues is being developed into something more…comical.right…see if can get this bit right.My Weblog

  6. wl says:

    Sorry to say that even those people who seemingly get free music do pay for it. You’re right: ‘And in any case, you need a computer to use it! So that might be a major outlay!’ So they are not getting something for nothing. It’s just the artists and their companies do not profit. Certain websites do. And these so-called free music, at the very beginning, must be purchased and then get shared. Have you ever borrowed a CD from your friend or copied some music from others? What do you think about that?

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