Sacrifice In The Name Of Art

Posted: 24.07.06 in Blogging

It has been a peculiar day – not least because of the freak events of Chester-le-Street, County Durham. Around thirty people were swept up inside an inflatable structure and were hauled across a park with as many as five hundred onlookers. Two died, and thirteen are seriously injured:

The sculpture – called Dreamspace – is thought to have drifted for up to 40m before catching on a CCTV camera post and coming down near a children’s playground. The sculpture, created by artist Maurice Agis, has appeared at venues around the world and has recently featured on the Derren Brown television show.

Source: BBC NewsI was all but 100 yards away at my aunty and uncle’s house. We saw the helicopters going by. We had gone passed the installation on the way there – no sign of what was to come. On the way back, we saw the deflated item quite far from where it had been initially. Shocking.

After that tragic news, perhaps something a little different. As I type my wrist is strapped in bandages. To clarify, this is my left wrist, and I am extremely right-handed. So it isn’t too much of a hindrance. But it bloody hurts. Having said that it feels a bit better now.

As I half-mentioned, I went to see my aunty, uncle and cousins today. They seem to be fine, which is good. They are going on holiday soon to the Isle Of White. Lucky them! And it seems Nicola might be joining the Army. Interesting.

  1. dave says:

    It must have been an extraordinary freak gust of wind to lift something as large as that of the ground.

  2. helen says:

    What have you done to your wrist? have I missed something?

  3. danny says:

    so much tragedy in the world, but you never expect it from art which makes it all the more painful.

  4. Steve says:

    @Dave: We didn’t think it was at all windy in Chester-le-Street: in fact my theory was that it was caused by a visiting helicopter.
    @Helen: I haven’t really done anything to do, it just aches, probably from spending too much time on Messenger, tapping away!
    @Danny: You’re right… in fact if my grandparents and I had not gone to see my aunty and uncle, they might have gone to the installation instead. The last thing you expect to happen bounding into a bouncy castle is dying…

  5. danny says:

    it’s those little twists of fate you see…the what ifs?that’s when we really realise our own mortality and fragility, at least for a while.

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