Sympathy Vote

Posted: 27.07.06 in Blogging

For me, nothing hurts more than when someone says they are unhappy. My immediate reaction is to seek to remedy the malaise. This is often not easy.

So how do you make people happy? Perhaps an easier question is “how do you remove unhappiness?”. I would start by identifying the source of unhappiness. There is a bit of a counselling technique required here because sometimes the cause isn’t obvious. For example, people can be upset because of something in their past, or because of an indirect cause.

Once you have done that, I try to seek a solution. This isn’t the best way. It is up to the individual to establish their own course of action. But I just can’t help myself.

Someone said to me they were unhappy yesterday and hastily exited. This means that tonight I shall be pondering the possible causes of this and their remedies. Why does my heart ache when I hear of others’ displeasure and discomfort with their lives? Sometimes I wonder whether I am the only person that cares so much for others…


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