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Posted: 30.07.06 in Blogging

Well, I went to see the Newcastle United v PSV Eindhoven. We didn’t start playing until about 70th minute – by which time we were 3-0 down. Then I imagine the away team were rather dumbstruck by the upping of the pace. It was quite enlightening really. We started playing! Milner, Luque and Butt came on for Solano, Emre and Duff, and we pegged it back to 3-2. Ok, we didn’t get a result, but it is clear that Milner is probably one of our best players. When he’s on the wing, get the ball to him and he’s bloody dangerous!

So the football was good, despite losing. I did get a headache though. Shame. But it isn’t the first time, and God knows it won’t be the last, so I just try to sleep it off.

Ha, and a funny thing. I was reading through the programme for the match, and I saw an article on Ronald Koeman, the PSV coach. He used to play for Barcelona and was a well-respected player. Ok, so he has put on a bit of weight, but I guess we all do as get older. But I noticed that while the programme documented his history to some detail, it did not mention his international playing career. He played for the Netherlands a fair few times. And, without thinking, I turned and said to Mum, “It doesn’t mention his Dutch caps.” Boom boom.

And we won the cricket! Go Monty! Go Harmy! Go England!

  1. dave says:

    From what i saw of Newcastle on Sky Sports,Gleen Roedar still needs to sign a centre half because defensively you looked poor

  2. helen says:

    I don’t understand football, why don’t they share the ball, take it in turns to kick it? If they stood in a big circle they could pass it to each other nicely.

  3. Steve says:

    @dave: I think defensively we are ok to be honest. If we do get Sol Campbell and Wayne Bridge, however, all the better!@helen: Kinda takes the point out of the game 😉

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