Ironic, Don’t You Think

Posted: 01.08.06 in Blogging

I came across this article on the BBC News website, called What’s So Special About Yorkshire?. It’s quite interesting. What is more interesting is the string of comments below. For example:

“People’s insecurities make them excessively proud of such trivial things like where they come from. The bigger the paranoia, the louder the self-congratulating shouting. If Yorkshire genuinely was ‘God’s chosen county’ then this fact would be clear to everyone and nobody would need to go banging on about it all the time. I suspect this is why you never hear a peep out of the people of Kent.”

By David Rothwell from Kent. Nuff said. I say nuff said…

“Why aren’t Lancastrians “a prouder breed than us Yorkshire folk”? Perhaps they’re happy to put their chips in butties, and not on their shoulders.”

Says Ian Williams, also from Kent, who clearly has plenty chips of his own.

I think it’s good that people can be proud of where they come from. Fair enough, some might get annoyed by some people’s constant flow of what appears to be arrogance. When it comes to Newcastle and Northumberland, I try to persuade the doubting Kent folk to come up and visit, but they never do. ‘It’s too cold’ apparently (even despite our superior weather recently…). It’s a shame, for it is they that miss out.

  1. danny says:

    i’m not proud to be from derbyshire. it’s a shithole.

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