The Milkybars Are On Me

Posted: 02.08.06 in Blogging

The time is 12:30 am on Wednesday 2nd August 2006. I have just seen an advert for Milkybars on TV. What child is going to see that this late? To be fair, it is aimed at adults, with the monicker share a piece of your childhood. Perhaps this is one more of Nestlé’s attempts at healthy-conscience marketing. It’s all fair trade and keeping kids away from chocolate. Like everything else, it’s all about sales.

You might think I’m anti-Nestlé now, but I’m not. There are plenty of companies that are trying to clean their image. McDonalds are just the same. Apple is a great example.

Who would have considered buying an Apple Mac two or three years ago? Computer geeks mostly. You might think that’s unfair, but Macs were mostly used by those who wanted a computer for a specific purpose. Now, with the advent of iPods, Macs have seen a bit of a resurgence, and you might notice there are many more software titles that Mac supports. Indeed, Intel produce chips for Macs now. So you could run Windows (though some indepth knowledge is required) on a Mac.

So leopards can change their spots.

  1. MAD says:

    Ah, the wonderful world of technologies!

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