Posted: 05.08.06 in Blogging

I have just noticed a new tab on WordPress.com – if you are a member, you might notice this next to the ‘Options’ tab. On this page, you will find that, for $15, you can purchase 15 credits. So what can you do with these credits?

You can create customisable CSS stylesheets. In other words, you can decorate your blogs more or less the way you want. This might be good for the advanced user, but you might regret forking out the equivalent in pounds sterling (which is not offered, by the way – bad WordPress) if you think you want to customise your blog when really all you want to do is to change a few colours. Sometimes it’s best left to the experts.

For most, the existing templates are more than ample – there is quite an array, and they are an indication of how different your blog could look with customised styles – and these are done by the professionals and learned enthusiasts. My advice is that you should practice with styling wherever you can for free (you can do this in the comfort of your own computer). If your designs are that good, WordPress might approach you for your design anyway¹.

One good thing though is that it appears that it is not a subscription – it seems to be a one-off payment. So once you pay (via PayPal), you’re done. Except for designing, of course. Which I suppose makes WordPress.com better than LiveJournal…¹ I guess you would have to submit your design via WP.org for loads of other people to try out first. Seeing as I haven’t tried it, I won’t advise you people any further than my knowledge extends… which usually gets me into trouble ;).

  1. MAD says:

    I also think it’s generally a bit pointless paying those $15, if all one wants is do a minor change. Besides, there are plenty of free WP templates up for grabs. It really depends on your intentions (and tech proficiency).

  2. helen says:

    I have enough trouble turning my computer on, never mind anything else, I got all excited when I changed the colour around my name!

  3. dave says:

    Dan would have a heart attack if he had to cough up $15 to change wordpress.

    And I’m in the same boat as Helen when it comes to computers.

    It took Dan 15 minutes to explain to me how to cut and paste on MSN Messenger last night.in the end i think he got a bit fed up with me and went offline.

  4. danny says:

    i wouldn’t spend 50p to change it when you can install it on your own webspace and alter the template.

  5. Steve says:

    That’s true but you have to buy the hosting and the domain, etc. I think that’s what WP are playing on.

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