Happy Birthday

Posted: 06.08.06 in Blogging

Today is the 15th birthday of the “World Wide Web”. (It is also the birthday of the as yet unnamed niece of Shell – congratulations!) I noticed an article on the BBC News website, where a handful of panellists gave their opinions on the bad things of the Internet as it is today.

My concerns are that of personal freedom. On the one hand, while we have the freedom to write more or less anything we want, our friends in China are not, unless they access this site in an ‘underhand’ way. Just the same, if we were to write something on our sites that could libellous – or worse – if we can be identified, then we could find ourselves in deep trouble.

On the other hand, extremists use the Internet to promote their material across the world without trace or threat of action. It would be hypocritical of me to say these sites should be shut down – that would inhibiting free speech. But it worries me that such sites exist.

I suppose I am just left-wing at heart. It would be nice if everything could be resolved. Including the Internet.

  1. [ Shell ] says:

    Aww thanks hun! Appreciated 😀

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