Car Drivers

Posted: 09.08.06 in Blogging

I’m not going to direct this rant at cars. Cars are a good thing. Car drivers are not. Cars aren’t arrogant and dismissive of their contribution to the world.

The thing is, most people don’t need to drive. In fact, rather few do. So why do people drive? Because they are lazy bastards, for the most part. In general, if you need to drive, you have a company car. Otherwise, walk, get the bus, get the train. Cycle. Don’t think because you need to get some shopping from Asda that you need to take the car. That is just sheer laziness. My family has been getting the shopping for years without the need for a car. It is completely unnecessary. It requires little more effort, and certainly much less cost.

If you think this is remotely unfair, please feel free to tell me why.

And Maccabi Haifa have just scored. I am smiling. Naughty me.

  1. dave says:

    This is the height of sheer laziness.

    Next door neighbour owns a car and has her shopping delivered by Tesco which is lees than 5 minutes walk away from my house.

  2. weiran says:

    I’ve never been a fan of public transport, and being forced to use it for most of my life, I can attest to it’s unreliability and slowness, which completely depends on where you live. As you live near a major city that has good transport links, then a car becomes less necessary. But live on the Isle of Sheppey and you will start feeling trapped without one!

    Sure there are buses and trains, but they’re infrequent and smelly.

    IMO, a cars necessity depends completely on your situation. I spend 4 hours a day on a bus to work. I don’t want to spend any more time than necessary on one at the weekends, I just want to go where I need to, and get back without hassle (excepting traffic).

    And… I will pay for the privilage!

  3. danny says:

    another thing that annoys me about cars is these idiots who have super-wide bore exhausts that sned out low pitched vibrations which vibrate my windows. given that my house is a good 40 feet from the road this is quite a feat.and as if the big exhaust is not enough, they have to subject us to that deafening boom, boom, boom, godawful excuse for music, that is so good one has to be high on ecstacy or methamphetamine to appreciate it…whilst they may believe they are giving out the message that they’re “cool” or whatever the new word for cool is, they are just giving me the message that they are complete twats.

  4. helen says:

    I couldn’t carry all my shopping on the bus so have to get hubby to take me. If I did use the bus, It would take at least 5 trips, costing another £12 in fares. So sometimes you have no choice, it all depends on where you live.

  5. Steve says:

    I accept that it depends on where you live. But I know that if you order from Sainsburys on the Internet, you get free delivery on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Perhaps other supermarkets do similar offers. The advantage here is that the drivers are also routed to use as small amount of fuel as possible to cut costs.

    Might be worth thinking about if you’re tired of trawling off to supermarkets!

  6. helen says:

    Yes but I wouldn’t be able to squeeze my tomatoes then!

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