Dawn Of A New Era

Posted: 11.08.06 in Blogging

So out goes Sven and in comes Steve. Great start.

He drops Beckham. Why? Apparently for a change of direction. In which case, why are most of the players in his team players that already played for England? Maybe he could explain that one. People are saying “yeah, drop Beckham” because he had a poor World Cup. I think that’s unfair. Not only did he make an important contribution to the World Cup, but players like Jenas and Downing didn’t play at all. They remain. Arguably, on the same basis, most of the England team should be dropped. I am of the opinion that I would have dropped Beckham once he had gained his 100th cap.

That is a side issue. As a Newcastle United supporter, I feel mortified and upset that Parker did not get into the England squad. He has played well for us last season – and at the start of this season he was promoted to Club Captain. He has been watched by McLaren over recent matches, yet he has not made the cut. What gives?

Bloody annoying.

  1. trancefixed says:

    Public pressure is the only possible reason for McLaren dropping Beckham completely from the squad.

    It’s a dangerous game that could seriously backfire.

    I agree Parker should have been in the squad, especially with Carrick injured.

  2. dave says:

    The decline of England as a great football nation has begun.

    Steve Mclaran hasn’t got a clue.

  3. Steve says:

    I suppose we shall see… Having said that, there aren’t many players that I think shouldn’t be there – I’m not sure how Ben Foster found his way there, though – and I do think Lennon will be a good right-sided midfielder, it’s just that I’d rather MacLaren made a smoother transition to the team he wants.

  4. dave says:

    Ben Foster was the reason Watford got promoted last season ,he’s a really good young keeper.

    Whats worrying me is that McClaren is now talking of bringing in a psychologist into the England camp.

    Could be another Eileen Drewey scenerio.

  5. trancefixed says:

    ‘The decline of England as a great football nation has begun.

    Steve Mclaran hasn’t got a clue.’
    – Hindsight is a wonderful thing :PI doubt Bill Beswick will turn into another Eileen Drewey, unless he has a few alternative methods from tribes in the Amazon jungle he wants to try out.
    Here’s some more info about him:

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