Twenty20 Paces

Posted: 12.08.06 in Blogging

Why is it that any team I support loses? Newcastle United don’t win trophies, Middlesbrough lost the UEFA Cup Final, and England fail at the first moderately difficult hurdle. So no surprise that Essex went out (I plumped for them at first), and Nottinghamshire lost the final by four runs.

It was a thrilling day of cricket though, starting with a pelting of Matt Le Tissier on the Cricket AM team challenge prior to the Twenty20 event. And the mascot race was brilliant. The shark won it. Jack Russell should get more exercise. And Will Smith’s superb catch – landing on his head in the process! Chris Read lost a tooth (wear a helmet, kids) and Sadler took a smack on the conk during a warmup session. Someone else also dislocated a finger and almost heaved with the pain. Nice. So after the wars of the day, and with a rain-sodden ending, the result was a bit of an anti-climax, but thrilling nonetheless.

  1. danny says:

    You could be me and support Leeds United, which means my suffering is more or less endless.

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