Posted: 15.08.06 in Blogging

I have a confession to make. I play World Of Warcraft. I play on the Silvermoon server. I am an Undead Warrior named Maleviolent, and I am Level 29. I am a Lieutenant Unbreakable of the Unbreakables guild, where I am the Warrior class leader. I have made my way to Grunt status, and I am working to the Sergeant status.

I am a geek… šŸ˜Æ But it’s a good game.

  1. danny says:

    is that similar to that lords of legend game, where it’s all tactical and you have to build up weapons and armoury?

  2. dave says:

    Don’t ever get into a game called Psychopath it will drive you mad.

    I used to have hair when i first started playing it now i look like Kojak .

  3. helen says:

    I can play Cluedo, on a board, the old Fashioned way. Does that count?

  4. Steve says:

    @danny: Yeah it’s that kind of thing
    @dave: Ok… well WoW is the kind of game that teenagers play in the early hours muttering under their breath with a twitch in their right eye. But G.


    B.s are welcome!
    @helen: If you call each other n00bs should you lose, and whack each other with maces and axes, then yes!

  5. danny says:

    oooo…tell us more. where can we get this game. i need to lose more hair.

  6. dave says:

    Have a look on ceefax news in the Sci-Tech section at an article called Microsoft warning on online games,World of Warcraft is mentioned.

  7. Steve says:

    Yeah I saw on the BBC News website. You should be ok if you use anti-virus software…

    And for danny’s benefit, you can buy World Of Warcraft at play.com, amongst other places. There is also a subscription rate…

  8. danny says:


  9. danny says:

    also, try this free game:http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/psychopath.phpstuck on level 39. a mathematics whizzkid like you should find it easy.if you register (for free) it saves your level.

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