Posted: 19.08.06 in Blogging

It is only when the topic of “privacy” entered my mind when I realised how fickle we are.

On the one hand, sometimes we are protective about our “data” that we dare not throw out a personal letter without shredding it first. I am guessing increasing numbers are electing to be ex-directory. Yet when it comes to our own security, we are horrified that the possibility of terrorist attacks still exists. As such, many of us are willing to have ID cards. On the flipside, some of these people are saying “All well and good, but the system could be exploited anyway, and what about my data?”.

Maybe we should be clear about what we are protecting ourselves from. To be honest, I am not all that sure. Maybe we would rather not have junk mail. Maybe we are scared that someone might use the information against us – identity fraud perhaps. A little digression here: what the heck is identity fraud? Anyway, maybe you lot can confirm I’m not the only one confused by people that shred everything in sight then post a public profile on MySpace (for example).


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