Car Manufacturers

Posted: 22.08.06 in Blogging

Car manufacturers make millions and millions of pounds (read dollars) every year. Brand new car sales are huge, and customers are spending more and more each year to keep themselves on the road with the newest vehicles. I wouldn’t say competition is huge – every manufacturer seems to do enough to have their cars seen on the road. There is one reason for this belief of mine, and this is my mild irritation.

People say that a lot of money is spent on advertising in the car industry. I argue not. Take a look at the telly, and I bet during the advertising break, you will see an advert for a car. Now look closely. How many of those feature a car with a foreign number plate? This is an indicator of what is coming. How many of those feature a left-hand drive car? This is what upsets me. The car manufacturers are trying to flog us a product that we cannot buy in this country.

Quite frankly, I wouldn’t care if they tried to insult our intelligence by putting the reverse, mirror image on instead. At least that way I might see a product that theoretically I could buy…

  1. weiran says:

    You can buy them in right hand drive, they reuse promotional footage for the European/American market to save on money.

    Also, the ads may have been shot even before they made a right hand drive version of the car (which always comes last).

    The main thing to look out for is that some European models will have a different spec (small print on the bottom).

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