Fourteen Days And Fourteen Nights

Posted: 28.08.06 in Blogging

In two weeks, I shall reach the scary age of 21. And in that time Mum wants me to think of a birthday present. She wants to buy me something that will last, and something that I can keep, so pretty much she wants to get me jewellery.

I have a signet ring from my grandparents, given to me on my 18th birthday, and Dad seems to have covered the watch section, so I’m not sure what else is left. Do I get another ring? Or do I go for something else? One thing I will not be getting is a piercing, so anything along those lines are ruled out. So I guess it’s another ring, a necklace or a bracelet.

By the way, I detest the word bling, so any suggestions must be devoid of this word, ok? Thanks. 🙂 Oh, and please preserve my traditional masculine values!

  1. helen says:

    Go on get an earring.

  2. [ Shell ] says:

    Yea, a pierced ear is sexy.

    Or what about getting something Queen related?

    Something that you can keep forever but yet will always remind you of your 21st? Sounds ideal to me lol hehe

  3. wl says:

    Aha, I’ve got an idea. Firstly, I would suggest it could be something related to the ox. Hehe, don’t get confused. Let me explain. In China, when we talk about somebody’s birthday, we always think about which year he/she was born in. We have this animal sign thing. ‘The Chinese animal signs are a 12-year cycle used for dating the years.’ These animals are Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Ram, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. It’s too complicated to explain more. Anyway, we would give people birthday presents related to the animal representing his/her birth year. you were born in 1985 and it was an ox year. And that’s the reason for my suggestion. What could it be then? I’m sure you have this thing in your country, but I don’t know what you call it. A container which you use to keep coins. It is usually made into a certain shape, for instance, in China, most are animal-shaped. It is often given as a gift. It can function as an ornament and at the same time it can be really useful. I am bothered with the huge amount of heavy coins. I’ve no idea where I should put them in my room. I am thinking about getting one. If you’re bothered too, get one. And It meets the requirements. It can last long as long as you don’t smash things when you get crazy. And it is definitely masculine as long as people don’t mistakenly get a cow-shaped one for you. Remind them about this. No. Just kidding. Actually I don’t think it matters. In a word, an ox-shaped coin container is my suggestion. Maybe it’s something people more often get in childhood, but if you feel like wanting one, why not catch the chance?

  4. Steve says:

    Hehe, you mean a Piggy Bank! Only this would be an Ox Bank. And I was aware I was born in the year of the Ox. I also know I should be ‘more compatible’ with people born in certain years of a few different animals.

    I have brushed up on my Chinese mythology :)And I’m not getting a bloody piercing!

  5. helen says:

    arr go on go on go on go on go on GO ON!

  6. Steve says:

    No! No way. No way José. Nope.

  7. wl says:

    Today I’ve been to almost every cards and gifts stores and only in Hallmark Cards in Eldon Square I found an unsatisfactory Ox Bank. So I guess you may need to think about something else. But aren’t you supposed to be surprised by presents from others rather than being asked to think of something? … And in fact, your strong resistance to a piercing leaves me wondering why you are so strongly against getting one.

  8. wl says:

    Oh, and why not push the resposibility back and tell whoever it is you will like everthing you get and tell them the present is not that important compared to their care for you!

  9. Steve says:

    Ok, well I said to Mum ages ago (this is her present) that I will like anything she got me… She didn’t buy it unfortunately!

    Anyway, my reasons for being against piercings… I’ll make a post on it!

  10. wl says:

    Oh, all right. She must have her reasons. It’s definitely not that easy to persuade mums. I was reading this post on women clothes shopping. And I find it’s really interesting. It reminds me of my mum who is like that. She would ask details about this thing she knows she won’t buy. I always remind her we won’t be able to look around all the stores in the building if we keep on this speed. And the usual response I get is next time don’t ask me to go shopping with you. Oh, yeah, she’s shopping, and I am practicing stopping. Interesting!

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