Freddie Mercury

Posted: 04.09.06 in Blogging

Tuesday 5th September 2006 would have been Freddie Mercury’s 60th birthday. As such, there are parties (in only the great man would) across the world. And there is a lot more going on…

This week has seen the release of a greatest hits CD, a greatest hits double CD: “Lover Of Life, Singer Of Songs”; a double DVD; a book; and numerous documentaries to be aired on VH1 and ITV1.

There has also been a site set up to commemorate his life and his music at, and there is also the opportunity to sponsor a digital star for his birthday – leave a message and help to do something about the disease that took him away from us.

  1. [ Shell ] says:

    Really nice blog there SteveI spend £40.98 the other day on all the new Freddie stuff coming out.

    Yea, i can’t believe Fred would have been 60. It’s such a shame he’s been taken from us, i cry very often about it. I think about him so much.

    It will be a hard day for us fans tomorrow, but just think, it will be even worse for his mum, sister, jim and friends tomroow.

    We shall all be thinking about him, he will never ever be forgotten.

    I Love you Freddie

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