Famous Last Words

Posted: 10.09.06 in Blogging

Today I celebrate my final day as a 20-year-old. I say celebrate… What exactly does becoming 21 actually mean?

Well, it seems as though once you reach 21, the bar of expectation is raised. Immediately, people think you should be capable of a lot more. I have little doubt that people will expect me to be able to get a place of my own, support myself and a family, get married, get a full time job, manage university around work and a substantial social life, as well as gaining impressive results in my degree course.

Well it’s not going to happen. So here are my plans for the year ahead:

  • Get better marks in my exams
  • Raise HIV/AIDS awareness
  • Organise a job for when I graduate in 2008
  • Keep my finances in order

And aside from the third point, nothing has changed. And aside from the fourth point, I am stretching my capabilities and aiming high. So I think that people that ask for more are being a tad unreasonable. Here, I have ensured that my present and my future are looked after, and I am helping others in their well-being.

I hope people don’t think this is lazy.

  1. wl says:

    Hey, what are you doing? You didn’t post many during the last week. But over one night, you made three? Ok, I’ll leave all my responses in one. First of all, welcome to the over-20 group. It’s scaring before entering it. But later you’ll feel ok. At least you’ve listed your plans. That’s a good start. Secondly, I’ve learned something about the student loan. So thanks. Finally, Helen is so nice. She’s singing the birthday song for you. And here’s my wish: HAPPY birthday! 🙂

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