Birthday Wishes

Posted: 11.09.06 in Blogging

Thank you to all those that wished me a Happy Birthday! It was pretty good.

Mum bought me this ring. Everyone seems pretty impressed with it, so that’s good! It is 9ct gold with a black onyx and haemetite striped stone. Don’t bother asking to try it on, because I’ll tell you now, it will not fit! Apologies for the pictures: I used my mobile phone to take them!

I got this present from Dad and Karen. It’s a wooden box with dark blue velvet lining with bottles of Fortnum & Mason champagne and port. It must have arrived while I was doing the Exploring Enterprise course, as it was left with my “upstairs neighbours”. I didn’t manage to drink any!

This tie and tie slide I got from my grandparents from my Dad’s side (whom we call Mama and Papa – it’s a long story!). I have promised now that I will use them for my next job interview! Apologies for phoning so late – we had got back later than I had anticipated.

And I bought myself Freddie Mercury’s Lover Of Life, Singer Of Songs (which coincidentally arrived on my birthday!). Try to listen to Let’s Turn It On (A Cappella) – it’s just the song but without the music, rather it is just Freddie’s voice. Incredible.

Anyway, I started my course today. And Geoff (the presenter) decided to sort us into groups – by birthday. So I had to announce that my birthday was today in front of a room of strangers. Not what I wanted to do, but it’s done now.

Had a phone call with Dad, which was quite nice. Received text messages throughout the day, so thanks for all of those! In the evening, Grandma and Grandad, Tony, Cath, Adam and Steph came round, which was nice. We went for a meal and it was great. Sadly no photos, except for me with the cake… and that is best kept off the Internet for interest of public safety.


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