One Hundred Fleet Of Sprinters

Posted: 13.09.06 in Blogging

Well in today’s section of the course, I have been asked to find the best price I can for a 500g tin of Nescafé Gold Blend coffee, and the monthly charge from the three year lease of a Mercedes Benz Sprinter 309CDI 2.1l 3.5t with medium wheelbase. It’s not easy.

As part of this exercise, I must ascertain the details for delivery, the price inclusive of VAT, and other conditions that the cost of the van (in particular) entails. This is the really hard part. We have only from 3pm today to about 10am tomorrow to get some quotes, but seeing as most will not be in office hours during all but three of those hours, getting those quotes is not likely.

I have prices, and some conditions… it’s just a case of hoping I hear something early tomorrow.

By the way, if anyone can offer me a good deal, then please leave a comment! 😀

  1. weiran says:

    I’ll sell you my car for £2000. Deal?

  2. Steve says:

    Lol no deal.

    Anyway, we moved onto eggs today. 🙂

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