My Right Of Way

Posted: 14.09.06 in Blogging

Another gripe about car drivers! Sorry… for want of something more interesting to talk about I overlooked everything that actually was interesting and plumped for a minor annoyance.

It’s people that park their cars on the pavement. Why? It’s bad enough thinking a block of metal has more right on the road than a human pedestrian not poisoning the rest of us, but to take up what little space we are allowed to roam freely about takes the biscuit really.

At my old house, this was particularly bad. Mums with pushchairs had to take to the road in order to get round them. Oh sure, it’s fine to keep the road free for cars to get by, but who cares if it’s just to the cost of some people who don’t consume the space of a car? Fact is, one car with one person in makes them fat. They are clinically obese. When people get into cars, they become one. They become a law onto themselves, and woe betide anyone else that fails to amass such a high BMI (which in this case stands for Body Metal Index). It pesters me.

Why is it that when people are masked by the exterior of a car, they can detach emotion from the way they behave? Or maybe these are the same people that have no qualms about sticking their wheelie bins in the middle of the pavement?

Don’t drink and drive, or dick about.


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