Posted: 23.09.06 in Blogging

I left Newcastle fairly early on – the bus left Central Station at 7am. We made fairly good progress and stopped at Sheffield’s Meadowhall Interchange. Our bus had more people on than there has been whenever I’ve been on, so perhaps that is why we didn’t swap buses as per the usual rigmorale for the journey south. Instead, we swapped drivers at Sheffield for a bold Yorkshireman that cracked jokes for the rest of the journey.

After arriving at Sittingbourne by train from London Victoria, Nick picked me up from the station and we ended up visiting the Sheppey crossing and stopping at King’s Ferry Bridge to watch some barge go by. Nick’s family fed me (thanks!). And then to the Tap ‘n’ Tin…

I reckon that night cost me £80. But it was a bloody good night. That was apart from Nick’s silly drinking games… Met Will, Al and Laurie for the first time. If I’m right, then Will plays for James’ and Louis’ cricket team, Al is the guitarist in James’ band, and Laurie is Al’s girlfriend. Will got rather sloshed apparently – hope that didn’t have too much to do with the 8% Biddendens I bought him… I also tried to avoid the subject of Center Parcs because Matt was there, and I wasn’t sure whether or not he knew that we were going. That was easier said than done.

Louis, Carly, Al and Laurie left comparatively early – we stayed until rather close to 2am. When we did get out, everyone (bar me) went to get something at the kebab shop and then we made our way to the train station to get a taxi. James had been ringing up taxi firms trying to get a six-man taxi, but to no avail. So… Nick decided to walk it. The AA makes the distance to be 11 miles. So Russell and Matt decided to follow. Eventually they made it to Toys ‘R’ Us and got a taxi from there. James, Will and I were sensible enough to bite the bullet and get the taxi to Sittingbourne, which was about £10 each I think. Not bad. End of day one!


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