No Cashback

Posted: 24.09.06 in Blogging

Louis had been trying to wind up Donna that we should leave at 6.30am to beat the rush and have a breakfast at Sainsburys near Center Parcs. Instead we left at about 9.30am. Les kept playing Day Tripper on the guitar as we loaded the cars and waited for Matt (James’ cousin who did go to Center Parcs).

We eventually picked up Nick and got on our way. We stopped at a petrol station short of Dartford, and I used the stop to withdraw some money. I noticed that the cash machine charged for withdrawals, so I went inside to get a packet of crisps and ask for cashback. No cashback. £1.85 for withdrawing cash. I should have just waited to get to Center Parcs.

Louis beat us by about a car length to Center Parcs in Elveden Forest – Al managed to get lost on the way and was just about strangling Laurie by the time they arrived! We had all got mountain bikes and started exploring. We weren’t allowed in our villas until 3, so we cycled up to the main complex area and did a little shopping.

We were hoping to go out to Rajinda Pradesh – Center Parcs’ chain of Indian restaurants, but unfortunately and curiously, they are closed on Mondays and Fridays. So instead Nick and I russled up some pizzas and garlic bread. After that we went to the Subtropical Swimming Paradise (read swimming pool). I was made to dive into the Plunge Pool – which is set to between 16°C and 19°C – so quite cold. The rapids were better than at Longleat.

We went to the Sports Café after, which was nicely done. The seats had the names of random footballers at the back (no Shearer…) and there were some big screens showing sport. A JD ‘n’ Coke cost £3.45 – not good.


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